Testimonials & Clients

“Ms. Rakhi  Dutta is one of the favorite trainers of our MSOP participant of ICSI. They love teaching method of Ms. Rakhi Dutta”. - Mr Chetan Patel (Chairman TEFC committee, Ahmedabad chapter of ICSI) 

“It showed the ‘Fact of life’ ”.Shantanu Mohanty (VP HR ‘Landmark Honda')


“This success 100% belongs to yesterdays training, it not only helped me to pass but I can see there is something for me in this company. Thanx to Rakhi Maam for all the efforts she put in for me otherwise things may have gone the other way”. - Pooja Gandhi (Financial Consultant) 

“My team was really very happy regarding the training done by you, further to share the way you had conducted the training on the basic parameters it was very good and the entire form was so charged up that we have closed one case today itself. - Rajneesh Rana (Branch Manager, Aviva 20 Aug’09) 


“Dear Rakhi, the training conducted by you in Surat was highly appreciable”. - Anish Singh ( AVP Baroda IndusInd Bank 8 Dec’09) 

“I would like to rate the presentation, relevancy of the training and the presenter Ms Rakhi Dutta as Excellent. One can’t escape from the problems instead has to face it, and this training has shown me the way how to face it”. - Anju (Director of NGO ‘Saath’)

Good hearted, generous, lovable, beautiful, pious….Ms Rakhi Dutta has been a boon to me today by giving her tremendously outstanding skills to solve problem in personal and professional life…thanx Rakhi Mam, thank you so much” - Harpreet Kaur Bagga (Home maker


“A well executed program indeed. Rakhi, you ensured maximum participation & interaction of the participants-am sure this will enable them to retain more out of the program”.
- Sudarshan Chakraborty (Regional Manager BA & BP Aviva Life 8 Sep’09) 

“Well done Rakhi, your well-executed activity in the induction training would definitely result in incremental business”. - Sunil Solanki (National Head- Sales Training Aviva 18 Aug’09) 

“Good practices get replicated. Here is one for our Anagram team & the driver for such sales initiatives is our trainer Rakhi Dutta” - Sunder Natarajan (Sr. project Manager, Anagram Finance Aviva 19 Feb’09) 



“The essence of true leadership begins with understanding  leader’s belief system. The most effective way to awaken and sensitize leader ’s consciousness belief system is through  Indian  scriptures like Gita, Ramayan & Purans. Ms Rakhi Dutta has done a phenomenal job in converting knowledge in Indian scriptures into leadership training.  - Navin Bhatia ( Managing Director, Navkar Skills) 



" Program conducted by you at Mumbai on 8th September on "Leadership with Bhagwat geeta" was remarkably outstanding. It will definitely enhance the Leadership Qualities and Style along with all other skills like Team Building & Cohesiveness, Decision Making and will give them the stand alone confidence on Communication Skills too."  - Bablesh Kaushik ( General Manager HR - FM India) 

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