Team Building Management

by Rakhi Dutta

Team Building and Management by Rakhi Dutta

" Build your team the right way and there is no telling to what heights you all may lead each other!" - Rakhi Dutta


You can be the smartest, most knowledgeable, most capable person on the planet, and stacked up next to a well-organized team of people who pale in comparison to you in every way, you will not be able to compete. The reason is that humans work best when they work as teams, and collaboration often leads to results that are greater than the sum of its parts. If you can build a team efficiently and foster cohesiveness, you can give your organization and advantage unlike any other. Time and again, Google is named a top “best place to work,” and time and again, their team culture is clearly strong. Building and managing a team is about finding the right candidates, training them properly, and managing them well: all skills you will learn in this module.


Because team building is exciting, this module starts with an explanation of what an adventure it is when you are rooting for the people around you – and when they are rooting for you in turn! Other topics include the characteristics of team building, the impact that teamwork can have on results and efficiency alike, and why delegation matters. You will also learn how to achieve a higher level of discipline and how to communicate with and outside your team and motivate yourself and others

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