Soft Skills Development By

Rakhi Dutta

Soft Skills Development By Rakhi Dutta

" Your soft skills are the skills that make people say “Wow, that guy gets it” or “She really knows how to work with people”! - Rakhi Dutta


The modern, tech-driven era has emphasized technical skills by and large, but in the last decade, corporate cultures everywhere are shifting that emphasis to soft skills. Regardless of your field or role, you can make yourself more relevant by improving your soft skills, which will make you both more effective as an individual and more capable at working within a team. There is, of course, a myth that claims soft skills (sometimes grouped into the heading “charisma”) are inherited and immutable, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this module, you will learn concrete steps you can take to practice and master your soft skills.


This module covers all the most critical topics you need to become a better communicator and hone your soft skills to a sharp point. The topics include communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, interpersonal skills, time management, and attention to detail, all topics that you should familiarize yourself with in order to get a handle on your soft skills once and for all. These are lessons that you can carry through to all areas of your life, giving yourself a boost not only in your current job position but also in your personal life and in any other projects or roles you take on in the future.

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