Communication - Save time & Resources Workshop By Rakhi Dutta

Communication Workshop By Rakhi Dutta

"Your communication skills determine how well you connect with others and thus how strong your relationships are!" - Rakhi Dutta


Some people spend their whole lives improving their communication skills, and it is no wonder: this is a topic that bears fleshing out! By taking the time to improve your own communication skills, you can serve your organization better and optimize whatever work you are doing. Success often depends on your ability to communicate with other parties, uncovering and reaching shared goals. This is true no matter what your business is, because all teams run more smoothly when relationships (which are based on communication!) are strong and healthy.


Covering both verbal and non-verbal communication, this module will teach you how to be a more capable listener and how to understand the impression you make on the people you encounter. The module starts at the roots of the topic, covering what communication is, what its essential components are, and how you can make improvements to your communication, jumping up from one level to the next. From there, you will learn helpful tips that you can incorporate into your communication, signs that you can use to recognize barriers to communication, the different types of communication you may encounter, what communication in a network entails, and the processes communication most often follows. This is a deep dive into a big topic, one that you are sure to walk away from thinking I am better off knowing all this.

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