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About me

Rakhi is a Leadership & Management trainer who has accrued eighteen years of experience in the field. She initially did team building, communication work, conflict resolution, and negotiations beginning in 2000. Over the course of her career, she had made a name for herself as an expert on leadership, hiring, team building, management, performance optimization, communication, emotional intelligence, time management, and other topics that are key to improving the ways that organizations function and thrive. Her modules have won acclaim, and her signature module, “Management and Leadership through Bhagwad Gita,” is particularly popular. Creating workshops that lead to real, lasting improvements in soft skills, she emphasizes a balance between ethics and strategy for leaders.


Rakhi’s teachings have impacted professionals in a variety of industries. She is a master listener and problem solver, grasping her clients’ visions and goals quickly in order to come up with customized programs that fit their cultures and needs. From sales and marketing to customer support, she has a gift for making good organizations run great and great organizations run even better. She has trained more than 25,000 professionals to date at such large corporations as Intas Pharma, Adani Mundra, Kalpataru, Torrent Pharma, and Torrent Power.


It is possible to get more out of your organization and to offer more value to your customers, and Rakhi can show you the way. Your full potential is off in the distance; Rakhi is a management trainer who can guide you from here to there!

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